A model church

Check out the photographs of a work-in-progress model of the church by Thorold resident J. Alan Daniels of Dandesign 2002 Inc. at “A Model Church.”

The work is a stunning testament to the support that exists within the community for the restoration of Beaverdams Church and will undoubtedly play an important part in the Friends’ and Board’s fundraising efforts.

Scaled 1:24, the model relies on architectural details and archival images for recreating a vision of the church. This includes a version of the interior as it probably would have appeared in 1879 (before the barrel vaulted ceiling was closed) and of the exterior with its lunette window and cedar shake decoration in the pediment of the façade.

Of particular interest is the pulpit, upon which Rev. Egerton Ryerson would have been well positioned to see both into the gallery of the faithful above and those seated below when he preached there in 1832.

What Rev. Ryerson and other ministers would have seen of their congregation in the gallery and in the pews

A rather fanciful image of the parishioners’ view of their preacher was painted by the artist, John Wesley Cotton (1868–1931) in 1913.

"Interior View of the Methodist Church at Beaver Dams (Thorold, Ontario)" by J.W. Cotton (1869–1931)

John Wesley Cotton, “Interior View of the Methodist Church at Beaverdams” c. 1913 (Courtesy of the Toronto Public Library)

Compare this with a view taken from inside the model:

Looking toward the pulpit

Observe how Mr. Daniels has skillfully crafted the model, by checking out a first sequence of photos in “A Model Church” and the “Second Phase“.

More to come!

The Friends of Beaverdams Church and Beaverdams Church Community Centre Board are extremely grateful to Mr Daniels for all his work!

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