A good and enthusiastic group of Friends of Beaverdams Church met this evening to discuss recent successes and to plan for forthcoming events.

We were delighted to hear that, through donations alone, nearly $110 was raised at the TCAG arts and crafts sale over the past weekend. A lot of interest from community stakeholders and local residents was also stimulated.

Great organization  has been put into plans for the First Annual Beaverdams Church Yard Sale. Thanks to Donna Cowan, everything is being planned to the last detail! Site statistics here and on our Facebook page reveal that there is considerable interest in the event; so much so, in fact, that some residents of the village of Beaverdams and other locals will be selling their wares too!

It is here that we call to all our followers and friends to consider donating gently used, clean and functional household items. Your time is also welcomed, if you can help “man” a table! Please contact us through the Facebook page, website (http://friendsofbeaverdamschurch.com),  beaverdamschurch@gmail.com. Donna can also be reached directly at davidbcowan@sympatico.ca or 227–7556.

Hope to hear from you or see you there!

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