What a success!

The first annual Beaverdams Church Yard Sale was a resounding success! Thanks to Donna and David Cowan along with Board member Helene Miller and students from Thorold Secondary School, the set-up began on Friday of gazebos and tables. Back again for 6 a.m., the stuff was brought out. Various other sellers came out to sell their wares of vintage jewelry, knick-knacks and antiques.

Sales were steady and strong, and the event wound down around 1 p.m. with the remainder being stored until next year or brought to various local charities.

An amazing $2,345 has been deposited, representing net proceeds for items sold, independent sellers’ table fees and donations! 

Thanks to everyone who helped and those who came out to support the restoration of historic Beaverdams Church through their generous donation of time, sale items, and even cash.

Please click on the following gallery of shots:

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