Another weekend of events in Thorold

This past weekend saw Thorold celebrate perhaps its most important event of the past 200 years: the anniversary of the Battle of Beaverdams. Fought on June 24, 1813, the battle helped secure the British hold over Niagara. And, while it was the Lieut-Col James FitzGibbon who took the praise, it was in fact a combination of Haudenosaunee and Mohawk warriors who actually realized victory.

And, of course, the telling of Canadian history would not be complete if reference were not made to the heroic journey of Laura Secord (with the help of Native warriors)

on June 22, 1813, to warn FitzGibbon at DeCew House (Thorold) of the imminent attack. Her trek was traced by more than 1000 participants on Saturday, while the Battle of Beaverdams was marked with a Native Reconciliation ceremony on Sunday and wreath laying on Monday.

Although it was built nearly two decades later, Beaverdams Church recalls – through its very name – this important chapter in the region’s history.

Friends and members of the Board were in attendance at DeCew House and more than $200 was raised in donations.

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