The cemetery, then and now …

It has recently come to the editor’s attention that the “fruits” of the Board’s labour (nearly two years ago now!) on mapping the Beaverdams Church cemetery have never been uploaded. Well, here we go for all of you who might be interested.

You’ll see attached a PDF of the position of the various extant plots. An adequate photocopy of George Keefer’s map from 1860 is also included for reference purposes.

One of the very good Friends took it upon himself to photograph all those plots (with or without headstone or marker), so please contact the editor for information about these if interested via

Graveyard map rev. 2014


From OGS report: Beaverdams and Smith Cemetery (nos. 4668 and 4673), 1991, p. 4.

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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