Meetings … then and now

Here is another snippet from the Thorold Post – this time from 20 January 1893 (p. 6):

The old Beaverdams church was the scene of a very pleasant meeting on Thursday evening, the 12th. Many of the ladies of the neighbourhood have for some time past been organized and working for benevolent purposes, and on the above evening gave an “old-fashioned tea-meeting.” The evening was stormy, and the attendance was not as large as the provision made deserved, still a goodly sum was realized. After a sumptuous repast, served upstairs, Rev. J. Wakefield took the chair, and a good programme was rendered. A local orchestra, a male quartette, choir of choruses, all did well. Miss Caton from Thorold took part, and was as usual thoroughly appreciated. In this brief notice it would be impossible to mention individually all who took part in the program, and where all did so it would be unwise to particularize. Their work, however, was a credit to the neighbourhood.

And tonight at Trinity United Church, a meeting is scheduled to ensure that gatherings like this – more than 120 years ago – can continue to be held at “old” Beaverdams Church!

Courtesy of Trinity United Church, Thorold © 2009

Courtesy of Trinity United Church, Thorold © 2009

We hope to see you at 7 p.m. tonight!

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