“Moneys Expended on the Beaverdam Church …”

One hundred and fifty years ago, Beaverdams Church was in need of a new fence and other repairs.

And, thus, in 1865, a group of local Beaverdams and Thorold residents gathered their resources and go to work … or so we can assume from the statement of accounts that was drawn up in December of that year:

Courtesy of Mayholme Foundation, St Catharines

Courtesy of Mayholme Foundation, St Catharines

The names listed are familiar to the story of Beaverdams Church, including the Swayzes (Hiram, John and Malum, in this instance), James McIntosh, [Richard] Hendershot, Thomas Grenville, George Keefer, and John Whitelock.

Do you know if any or how many of their descendants still live locally? 


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