Back inside …

What a weekend we’ve got in store!

First, there’s Andrew Henderson’s benefit concert on Saturday June 6 at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Thorold from 7.30 followed by a reception. For more information or tickets please contact Henderson’s Pharmacy on Front Street in Thorold.

Andrew Henderson concert at St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Thorold

Andrew Henderson concert at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Thorold

And, then, with great excitement we can announce that the 183rd Annual Dedication Service of Beaverdams Church will be held inside the church on June 7 at 10.30 a.m.

Dedication Service 7-6-15

Although the outdoor services over the previous five years found an important historical resonance in the traditional Methodist camp meetings of yore, there is a certain symmetry in being able to reassemble back inside the church – especially as this will be the last time Rev George Addison will be leading the service through Trinity United Church. Here, sheltered from whatever the weather offers and enjoying the (relative!) comfort of the pews, we can sing Methodist hymns and hear about the history of Methodism in Niagara!

How is it possible (you might be asking) that we are able to reassemble in historic Beaverdams Church?

Well, it is through the hard work of the Friends! Without the buckets and mops, masks and gloves, polishing rags, and a lot of elbow grease, this would not have been possible. For this we must thank the tireless efforts of all those who came out early on Saturday May 30, but especially to Donna Cowan for organising the event and Helene Miller for providing lunch (and ferrying away several trailers’ full of garden waste)! But a huge debt of gratitude must also be paid to Dee Adams, Gina Armstrong and helpers from the Young at Heart Choir, Melanie Battell, Denise Bradden, Dave Cowan, Lynn Dinwoodie, Marilyn Fraser, Sonia and Garrett Gibbon, Julian Gingras, David Griffiths and his family, Margie Hadley, Margaret Kalogeropoulos, Sarah King Head, John Nogas, Randy Pagett and other Beaverdams villagers, Hugh and Claire Sutherland, Lil Sypes, Bea Vanderburgh … the list goes on.

Enjoy some photos from the day!


(all photos courtesy of Sarah King Head)



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