A Model Church

The Friends of Beaverdams Church are delighted that long-time Thorold resident, J. Alan Daniels of Dandesign 2002 Inc. has offered to build a replica of the church. Scaled 1:24, the model presents a near perfect reproduction of the church interior as it would have appeared before 1879. After that, the original auditorium was divided into two storeys by means of the placement of a ceiling at the level of the gallery floor. Similarly, the exterior will include an authentic iteration of the weatherboard siding and original cedar roofing shakes.

It is the goal of the Friends to restore the church to its pre-1879 iteration.

The following sequence of photos illustrates the development of the model to date.

Check out updates regularly!

(All images are courtesy of J. Alan Daniels, Dandesign 2002 Inc.)


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