A different way of seeing …

Please enjoy these magnificent photos of the church by Niagara region-based photographer Kevin Valencourt. They capture the autumnal spirit of the churchyard rather well, don’t you think?

Says Valencourt: “I’m very involved and interested in local history and have always loved photographing it so others that can’t see it in person can at least enjoy it through a photo.”

These unique photos were taken using an infrared technique: “To achieve this effect, it must be a very bright, sunny day. I use a special filter on my camera that allows infrared light in. The process requires a long exposure, usually between 30-60 seconds, which is why you see the slight blur in the trees,” he explains.

For more information about his work, Kevin can be contacted at kevin@mhinccanada.com.

Photos taken in July 2006.

And, a year later in 2007.

If you have photos to share, please send them along too!

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